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June 29, 2008

June 29, 2008 – Camping Urban Style

           I’ve noticed a good number of people out camping.  They have tents and blankets laid out everywhere.  A boisterous croud, shouting aloud, like a jovial lot.  Usually after a few libations…  They seem to congregate with other campers, lining the streets.  Their unity seems to be contagious.  Laying down on their blankets.  Getting ready for a picnic perhaps.   It sure would be nice to have the luxury, and freedom, to camp out every day…  The freedom to not have to shower, to shave, to work.  The freedom to go to the bathroom where ever you please.  Even on the sidewalk.


  1. We have the same deal in San Francisco.

  2. Oh, I can only imagine. Hope all is well up there.