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June 20, 2008

June 20, 2008 - If These Walls Could Talk

            So today I took a day off of work to help a friend pick a couch in Palm Springs form his parents house.  I found this house along the way that had been completely ransacked.  I took some photos of what I found.  I don't remember where exactly where I found this but it was somewhere near the edge of Riverside County off of route 60.

          I left the scene with an empty feeling.  Someone had thoughtlessly destroyed someone else's property.  It was clear where their anger was directed.  As they say, the "Writing's on the Wall."

There were these creepy childrens toys scattered about.

This was a bees nest had been formed in a hole created in the drywall.

Some creepy shit.  I desatured the photo, but kept the red spray paint around the skull.

"Broken Homes"

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