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June 7, 2008

June 7, 2008 – Juicio

         Got a good laugh on the radio tonight.  Actually, I pretty much get a good laugh on the radio every night, more than anything by the idiocy surrounding things at this taxi company.  I feel like a neglected vegetable, perhaps the only wholesome thing in this big soupy idiot stew I like to call Cortez Cab.  Masked, overpowered by the salty, fatty meat.  I feel like a carrot, slowly being saturated by the broth, unable to escape, slowly turning into one of them.  Perhaps the company should be likened to an Italian dish rather , after all, there are no shortage of meatballs here.  Yet, I digress.

            Juicio – Eeehhhhhh Caaaab 54
            Juicio – Caaab 54 (2 seconds later)
            Juicio – Caaab 54, are you hear me. (Another 2 seconds later)
            Julie -             YES! WAIT A MINUTE
            Juicio – Why do you no answer me when I call you.
            Juicio – Ehhhhhh I don----------
            Julie – WHAT!
            Juicio – Why are you n--------
            Julie – Someone’s clicki-------
            Julie – ST------ IT
            Juicio – Ok y------ co---  talk t----

            So yeah,  as you probably guessed, one of the other drivers is playing with the radio, interrupting the transmission.  This went on for a bit, I don’t feel the need to elaborate, by now you’ve probably caught onto the theme.  

            Julie is probably sitting in her miniature office chair cursing up a storm, and when I say that the chair is miniature, I am speaking in relative terms.  And Juicio, well, he’s just unable to realize that he’s a problem.  Like a toddler actually.   In retrospect I don’t know if it’s fair for Julie to be yelling at him in the first place.  For all intents and purposes, Juicio is a toddler – would you yell at a toddler?  Well, I probably would, I absolutely hate children.  But is yelling at a toddler beneficial?  I’d say probably not. 

            Myself, well I believe in positive reinforcement.  Maybe if Juicio is able to relax when calling in and not get Julie all riled up he could get a piece of candy, or something shiny.  I think that there’s tinfoil laying around at the office – a handy tool for car repairs here at the company.  Perhaps some of the omnipresent  wood screws, I’m sure that there are a few that have loosened and fallen into my door.  All these wood screws.  Perhaps I’m missing something, could they serve some ornamental purpose?

Now doesn't that look fancy.  Those wood screws serve as a nice contrast to all the grime on the control panel. 


  1. I feel like a carrot, boring getting saturated by the broth, clumsy to escape, boring axis into one of them.

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  2. Not bad, the soup analogy works on many levels. So now I'm wondering, who is the spoon that stirs the pot? Catherine?

    1. Catherine of course, but with her broomstick.