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April 23, 2009

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Once again, not something that is in my blog at all.  Dinosaur porn?  What is that anyways, now I'm curious, as other people clearly are as well...

Drunk red neck - that can't be too hard to find online...

April 18, 2009

April 18, 2009 – Trouble in Mission Beach

            I always get a good laugh when I come into the office at the end of the night.  It’s easier to come in at night because it is much quieter and management (a term we’ll use loosely) isn’t in.  It’s fun to talk to Sampson.  We talk about problem drivers, silly policies – whatever.  Mostly just shoot the shit.  I also like to pick up business cards and oil at this time, as Sampson doesn’t ration these things out.

            He told me that a week or so ago Kirk locked his keys in his car in Mission Beach after he had surreptitiously taken a fare there.  Kirk didn’t want to say anything on the radio, as it would have exposed what he had done.  The ride to Mission beach was never called in.  Sampson just sent one of the livery drivers with a spare set.

            Even this can be hit or miss.  Half of the time the livery brings the wrong keys and we aren’t able to get back into the taxi.  I used to lock my keys in the car very often, but now I don’t lock it at all.  

April 4, 2009

April 4, 2009 – Geppetto Vs. Sling Blade (aka Dr. Moreau, aka Aqualung)

          Once a week or so there is an altercation on the radio.  This usually occurs because drivers because of a wrong, or an alleged wrong that has taken place.  Today Kirk (Sling Blade) was accused of taking a fare without calling it in as he often does.  Since the office wasn’t informed that he had a fare he was allowed to keep his spot in the cab order.  Understandably this causes tension between the drivers.  When Geppetto called him out on the radio an argument ensued.

            Julie: Cab 03
            Kirk: Cab 03
            Julie: Go t--- th--- V—n--  gro—ery store.
            Kirk:…10-9 (repeat)
            Julie: Go to the V---s gro---c—y st—e!!!
            Kirk: Vons, 10 – 4.  That queer Polack is playing with the radio again.
             Julie: Stop it!
            Geppetto:  He already took a ride.
            Kirk: No, you’re just seeing things again.
            Geppetto: No, you just took a ride, give it to another driver.
            Kirk: No, I don’t play those games like you.           
            Unknown Driver: Who’s the queer? (Mocking Kirk)
            Julie: Stop it!!!
            Kirk: Why don’t you meet me in the alley.  Bring a crowbar.
            Geppetto: Oh yeah, what are you going to try to do with me back there.
            Kirk: Come and see.
            Geppetto:  Why don’t you come and meet me on the street?
            Kirk: Oh what a coward.

            This is strange on a few levels.  It’s entirely possibly that Geppetto just imagined seeing Kirk take a ride earlier.  His senses aren’t all that sharp anymore.  Although, given Kirks history, it is likely that he did pick up a passenger earlier and not call it in. 

            First, it isn’t considered a problem for Kirk to be dishonest at work, the problem occurs when someone speaks up about it.   Secondly, this informal street justice doesn’t seem to be frowned upon, especially if it is discussed off of the air.  And lastly, it doesn’t seem to be a problem that we have sociopaths that work for the company and berating the passengers.   
            I believe Kirk has starting writing his Memoirs recently -

April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009 – Gomez’s Pee Bottle

            After talking to Gomez on the cab stand today it’s now clear that Jorge isn’t the only cabbie that urinates in his cab.  Gomez was quite cavalier about the topic, as if this was perfectly normal.
            Gomez told me that he had been working on a busy weekend and desperately needed to go to the bathroom – number 1.  Financially speaking, Gomez had decided that it was better for him to shove a plastic bottle down his pants and pee into it while he was sitting on the cab stand so that he didn’t lose his spot in line, than to take a 3 minute restroom break and let the office know.

            Right as Gomez had gotten situated he noticed that there was a problem.  As  he had began relieving himself a group of 4 people hopped in the cab and asked for a ride to Mission Beach.  Now Gomez had to hold it.  At this point the bottle was already half full and had begun slosh around and spill in his pants as he was driving.   Gomez had to deal with this for a good 20 minutes.  When he arrived much of the pee in the bottle had already drained on his pants and into the seat.  Gomez was not a happy camper, in retrospect the bathroom would have been a good investment.