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June 20, 2008

June 18, 2008 – El Mejor Strikes Again

            Julie: Franco, what’s your 20?
            Julie: Franco!
            Franco: In the lobby.
            Julie: I sent you to the Navy base!  Where are you?
            Franco:  In the lobby.
            Julie: You’re supposed to go to the main gate, where are you!
            Franco: Right here, in the lobby.

            It didn’t take much to piece this one together.  If nothing else because there’s no “lobby” at the main gate.  Just a parking lot.  Franco had been spotted shortly before picking up a ride that another driver had been sent for.  If only his English skills were better he might have been able to offer up a better explanation.  Stating that he was “In the lobby” just wasn’t cutting it.  Shortly thereafter Catherine got on the radio to ask about Franco’s current whereabouts.

            Catherine: Franco
            Franco: Yes
            Catherine: Franco, what’s your 20?
            Franco: Right here in the lobby.
            Catherine: (With a frustrated sigh) What’s your 20 Franco, there’s no lobby at the main gate. 
            Where are you?
            Franco: Uh, I’m here, in the lobby.

            It was at this point that the office gave up on the situation.  It was obvious that Franco hadn’t gone to where he had been sent to, and it was also obvious that he was nowhere near any lobby.  Things were tough for Franco the rest of the day…

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