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June 8, 2008

June 8, 2008 – Mocking the foreigners

           Catherine called me today with another complaint about my attitude.  This time it was about mocking Franco’s inability, or unwillingness, to learn English.  You may remember Franco from of my earlier stories – you know, “El Mejor.”

            I can imagine that it can be a little overwhelming coming to a new country.  Learning a new culture, a new language.  Certainly this isn’t something that can be done over night.  It takes years, if not decades to master.  But after 25 years, I think most people would have a pretty firm grasp on it.  Through immersion if nothing else.  By then I would have to imagine that most people would have realized that, at the very least, in addition to a “past tense” we also have a “present” and “future” tense.  If only El Mejor was as good at conjugating verbs as he was at stealing fares from his fellow drivers…

            Julie: Cab 44
            Me: Go ahead
            Julie: There’s a lady that needs to be picked up at the Shores.
            Me: At the “Shor-ez”?
            Julie: AT THE SHORES!
            Me: Oh, ok.  10-4, I am copy.
            Julie: WHAT!
            Me: I say, 10-4, I am copy.  Are you copy me?
            Julie: YES!

            This was enough to prompt a call from the office.  I don’t see the need to go into that, they’re all the same.

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