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February 27, 2009

February 27, 2009 – Tastes Like Garcia

           Today Garcia picked up a lady going from the Del Cortez to the Tropicana Cortez hotel.  I’m not exactly sure how things transpired but Garcia ended up getting a blow job on his way down there.

          Roberto, another one of our drivers, picked the same woman from the Tropicana Cortez and brought her back into town.  After Roberto dropped her off he returned to the cab stand with a big smile and a story about how he had just made out with this girl during his last ride.  He was simply giddy, for now at least.  

Roberto shared his story with the drivers on the stand about how he had picked up this lady who had made out with him in the cab.  Now it was Garcia's shared a story of his own with Roberto.  What the woman failed to tell Roberto was that she had another drivers cock in her mouth only 45 minutes earlier.