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May 29, 2008

May 29, 2008 – The USS Richard Millhouse Nixon

            Recently we have had some visitors come to Cortez, in the form of an aircraft carrier – The USS Richard Millhouse Nixon.  Well, as you may have suspected, it’s not really called the “Nixon,” but that’s what were going to call it. Capiche?  I digress.

There she is "The Nixon."

            The Nixon is here due to a set of unforeseen circumstances.  My understanding is that the Nixon was sailing somewhere around South America when a massive fire erupted in one of the ships compartments.  The ship survived, but there was extensive damage.  For some reason or another the Nixon was docked here in San Diego to be repaired.  I understand that it will take months, and millions upon millions of dollars.  What caused this fire might you ask?  Oh, well it was a sailor(s) that were smoking in a room near flammable substances.

            I don’t mind though, this surely will bring good business for weeks to come.  Rides to the strip clubs if nothing else.  Those sailors love their strip clubs.  I’ve actually compiled a list of the most commonly requested destinations by sailors over the last 2 months – in order of occurrence.

1.     Horton Plaza Mall (San Diego)
2.     The Little Club Bar (Cortez)
3.     The Yardhouse (Downtown San Diego)
4.     Déjà vu (Pt. Loma Branch)
5.     Hooters (Downtown San Diego)
6.     Dave and Busters (Mission Valley)
7.     The Gaslamp (Downtown San Diego)
8.     AT&T Store (Downtown San Diego)
9.     Starbucks (Cortez)
10. Mc P’s Bar (Cortez)

I admire their simplistic lifestyle.  


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