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May 12, 2008

May 12, 2008 – The $100 tip

            Got a call from Catherine earlier today...

            Me: Hello
            Catherine: Hi
            Long pause…
            Catherine: It’s Catherine
            Me: I know.

            Another long pause… 

I’m not sure why every call from Catherine needs to start out this way.  It’s as if she is just waiting for me to volunteer something or another.   It’s a little strange, especially after the first few calls.  I don’t take the bait.

            Catherine: Were you working at 3:30 a.m. last night?
            Me: Yes
            Catherine: Do you remember that?
            Me: I remember working at that time.
            Cathereine: Did you pick up someone at 321 Main Street and go to 123 Second Street?
            Me: Yeah
            Catherine: They said that they accidentally gave you $100
            Me: No they didn’t, I think I’d remember that.
            Catherine: Are you sure, they’re adamant that they gave you $100.
            Me: I think I’d remember that.
            Catherine: Could you check your trip sheet to see how much they paid you?

            I don’t see the point of that.  I’ve already made it clear that I hadn’t received a $100 bill, and further explained that if I did that it was something that I would have remembered.

            Me: Truthfully I’m pretty lax about keeping those.
            Catherine: There’s a problem right there.  It is imperative that we keep trip sheets.
            Me:  Ok, I’ll do that from now on.


Perhaps I should have responded with something along these lines –
“Affirmative.  The requisite level of comprehension has been established.  How shall I proceed?”

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