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January 18, 2009

January 18, 2009 – Another Indecent Proposition From Robert Pervantes

          Today Robert Pervantes offered up yet another awkward encounter with one of our drivers.  When Kevin picked up Robert he was given an indecent proposition.  Robert would pay Kevin $1500 to hold his penis and take pictures of the two.  Or maybe Robert would be taking the pictures and holding his penis while he had Kevin watch.  I’m not exactly sure, I didn’t want to pry.

            I’m not sure, from a cab patrons point of view, what the best point in the ride to introduce this idea might be.  I would think a number of cab drivers might sock someone in the mouth for even suggesting as much.

            Also, I heard through the grapevine that Robert had propositioned another driver, Rico, a younger handsome Columbian man, just weeks earlier with a similar scenario.  No pictures though I don’t think.  I wonder if Robert would take them with his shitty little point and shoot camera.  The camera that he doesn’t know how to use.  The one that he took the pictures of his sisters boyfriend with, and shows me pictures.  It’s not bad enough I have to sit through this, but then Robert asks me questions like “do you think he likes me” or “do you think that this is a hot picture of me”.

            Jokingly, Kevin said that he had to turn down the offer, although after admitting that $1500 was a lot of money.

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