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August 10, 2012

August 6, 2009 – Headlights, a Luxury at Cortez Cab

             I’ve discovered yet another problem with my cab.  That the fucking headlights don’t work!!!

            Well, in all fairness, they do work – albeit intermittently.  It’s really hard to predict.  Sometimes they work for weeks at a time, sometimes minutes.  As the headlights cut out they emit (well, something emits) a high-pitched buzzing.  It’s really fucking embarrassing.  Often times there are customers in the car.  I explain a little bit about how our company works.  They’re usually understanding, and often sympathathetic.  The operation is really pretty unbelievable to those of us with any inkling of sanity.

            What’s the fix?  Well, the fix is driving in the dark for about 10 seconds with the headlights off.  You just have to turn the headlights off, but you can leave the little amber running lights on.  After about 10 seconds you can turn the headlights on and it’s back to “normal.”  If you don’t turn the headlights off it doesn’t fix the problem and the irritating buzzing continues. 

            I explained to the shop what I was encountering and they weren’t able to find the culprit.  I was silly to think so.  This won’t be going back to the shop for this anymore. That is unless I want them to duck tape a few large flashlights above where working headlights would be.  Better yet, they would likely used checkered tape.  I bet Catherine buys it at Costco in 1000 yard rolls.  I’d tell the morning driver to bring in the car – but there’s a problem.  I don’t speak idiot, although working here, it wouldn’t be hard to pick up.

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  1. They are fixing the car with junkyard parts. Some electrical parts, like head lights, windshield wipers, have electronics that change at a certain model year. So, if you replace that 2009 headlamp with a 2008 it's ok, but if you replace it with a 2007, you get the winking out headlamps. I just picked those 2 years as examples, I have no actual idea. My experience with this sort of thing comes from mid '80's Chevy S10 pickup trucks.