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August 11, 2012

August 19, 2009 – Cat Séance

           I like talking with Jefferson.  We find common ground on a variety of topics – politics, the cab company, humor, etc.  Today the conversation segued into the topic of past living situations.  We’ve all had them, and lived with strange people at one point or another.

            Previous to his current situation, the one where he lives with Randy, he lived with an odd lady named Ingrid.  She had several cats, but the one that she was closest to had died.  One night when Jefferson came home, he walked into what can only be described as a “Cat Séance” of sorts.  They were all at a table with candles and the cat was lying right there in the middle of it.  He could not tell if any communication had been made…

(You'll have to excuse my lazily photoshopped graphic, these take much time, and unfortunately, that has been in short supply lately. 

            In an odd turn of events, when Jefferson had agreed to let Randy come and live with him, Jefferson’s cat “Tigger” had mysteriously died on the very first day.  Jefferson was not happy.  Tigger had lived to the ripe old age of 14.  There would be no attempt at reaching out to the spirits with Tigger.

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  1. A 14 year old cat? Moving, changing homes, is hard on an animal, especially an old animal. 14 is pretty old for a cat.

    I'd let it go as too much stress for an elderly cat, unless there was another consideration. It's really unlikely that cat died of anything except the stress of moving when it was too old to move.