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August 19, 2012

August 27, 2009 – Cheaper Last Time?

            Sailor: How much to I.B. (Imperial Beach)
            Me: Upwards of $25.
            Sailor: What do you mean?
            Me: $25 to the front end of I.B., the closest part.
            Sailor: So how much to where I’m going?
            Me: Where do you want to go?
            Sailor: By the 5 (Interstate 5).
            Me:  Around $28.
            Sailor: It was $20 last time.
            Me: No it wasn’t.
            Sailor: Yeah, so will you do it for $20.
            Me: No.
            Sailor: Well that’s what it was last time.
            Me:  I don’t set the rates, the city does.  They are set by mileage, and             whatever the meter comes out to is going to be your fare.  I can take             whatever route that you would like me to, but it’s going to be at least $27.
            Sailor: Ok

                        We arrive 15 minutes later…
            Me: $27.40
            Sailor: Ok. (Gives me exactly 27.40).
            Me: Thanks
            Sailor: Sorry, I’d give more but that’s all I got.
            Me: Wow, you must really be good at estimation.  If the meter rolled over another 20 cents I guess we would be in trouble huh.
            Sailor: (Confused) Yeah.

I had asked a tough question…


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