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July 5, 2008

July 5, 2008 – Getting Kirk Excited

            Today someone was getting Kirk all excited again.  This seems to happen at least once a week.  Sometimes more.

            The reason that no one likes Kirk is because he’s an a-hole.   There was a new guy that started last week and tried to introduce himself.  He walked up to Kirk’s window.  Kirk just ignored him.  He didn’t even flinch.  Jack (the new driver) was in disbelief.

            Jack: I tried to talk to cab 83 (Kirk) earlier and he didn’t say anything.           
            Me: Yeah, that’s Kirk alright.  I wouldn’t bother with that guy.  Nobody here likes him.
            Jack: He didn’t even acknowledge me.  I know he heard me, his window was open.
            Me: Don’t worry, he’s like that to everyone.  He’s crazy, none of us like him.
            Jack: Thanks for letting me know.

            So anyways, like clockwork, one of the drivers began to pick on Kirk.  This usually happens when he comes into work for the day.

            Kirk: Cab 83
            Julie: Cab 83
            Kirk: 10-8, 10-30 (Back in service, send me an assignment)
            Julie: Go to the Vo-----(Click, Click, Click) and pic-------- (Click, Click, Click)
            Kirk: 10-9 (Repeat)
            Julie: Go to th---(Click, Click) and pick u---(Click, Click, Click, Click)
            Kirk: 10-9!
            Julie: Go to th----(Click, Click, Click, Click, Click…)
            Kirk: Some queers playing with the radio again.
            Julie: What’s wrong with you!

            The sad thing about Julie's question is that it wasn't directed at Kirk...  In her eyes Kirk wasn't the problem.

            I was sitting with another driver when this was all happening, waiting for a fare.  We both got a chuckle.  Calling people “queers” is a favorite past time of Kirk’s.  It’s his favorite insult for sure.  Other insults include calling people “Princess,” “Raghead,” “Asshole,” “Coward,” “Their highness” or  “Sissy white people” - just to name a few.  All of our customers and fellow drivers get to hear this as well because it is broadcast throughout our radio network.  This is all ok in Catherine’s eyes since Kurt is a “good worker” because he works 12-hour days EVERY day of the year.  A sociopath, but a “good worker” nevertheless.  But boy, if I forget to wear my black pants, well then, that’s a disaster.

You all remember Kirk right?  

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