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July 22, 2007

July 22, 2007 - El Mejor

            Franco doesn’t like to play by the rules and this has created trouble for him over his years here at Cortez Cab.  Turns out that Franco steals rides, and he does it often.  Problem is that he is not clever enough to disguise what he is doing.  One day one of the drivers who had been done wrong by Franco decided to have a word with him.  Franco got a fist right to the face, as well as a broken nose.  From what the drivers told me this happened years ago and Franco still hasn't changed.  I think having my nose broken would be enough for me to stop stealing other drivers rides, but that’s just me…
             Catherine offered the driver who broke Franco’s nose, Adolfo, an ultimatum.  Adolfo had the option to either leave the company, or to pay for Franco’s medical bills.  Adolfo figured that he was better off cutting his losses and leaving the company.  Adolfo was quite personable and is missed by the drivers who worked with him.  My best guess is that Catherine took care of things with Franco’s bills.
             As the days progress and I talk to more and more of the drivers interesting stories like this keep coming to light.  It seems a little strange to continue employment of a company worker who battered another co-worker.  This wasn’t exactly a little scuffle that we’re talking about.  Wouldn’t the police usually be called in such a situation, and if nothing else wouldn’t the employee be fired?
          Just seems a little odd that’s all.

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