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April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009 – Gomez’s Pee Bottle

            After talking to Gomez on the cab stand today it’s now clear that Jorge isn’t the only cabbie that urinates in his cab.  Gomez was quite cavalier about the topic, as if this was perfectly normal.
            Gomez told me that he had been working on a busy weekend and desperately needed to go to the bathroom – number 1.  Financially speaking, Gomez had decided that it was better for him to shove a plastic bottle down his pants and pee into it while he was sitting on the cab stand so that he didn’t lose his spot in line, than to take a 3 minute restroom break and let the office know.

            Right as Gomez had gotten situated he noticed that there was a problem.  As  he had began relieving himself a group of 4 people hopped in the cab and asked for a ride to Mission Beach.  Now Gomez had to hold it.  At this point the bottle was already half full and had begun slosh around and spill in his pants as he was driving.   Gomez had to deal with this for a good 20 minutes.  When he arrived much of the pee in the bottle had already drained on his pants and into the seat.  Gomez was not a happy camper, in retrospect the bathroom would have been a good investment.

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