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December 26, 2008

December 26, 2008 – Corky

             Corky was dispatching tonight so there were a number of problems – forgetting to write down where you wanted to receive calls from, forgetting to write down where you were going, incorrectly writing down the addresses of people needing a taxi.  If only Corky had put as much heart into doing that job as he had into loving Jesus we would be getting somewhere.  But alas, Corky is yet another of Catherine’s bible beating ex-con’s.  


What a mess.


  1. Err wheres the computer how can a txi firm run without one?

    1. At "Cortez Cab" technology is frowned upon as new and scary.

      Not having a computer has lead to dozens of oversights, most notable, not keeping track of which drivers have paid their lease money. Some weeks there were drivers who just didn't come in at all to pay a lease for the week and no one noticed. Strangely enough, everything seems to be on the honor system, except for business cards and oil which are closely monitored.

      They have moved to calculators and paper now though as the accountant was previously using an abacus and a stone tablet which he would scrawl notes on.