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March 5, 2008

March 5, 2008 – Frank Menderson

            So a few weeks I brought up one of our notable customers – Frank Menderson.  He’s one of the local trolls that we have to cart from time to time.  None of us drivers are too fond of him.  With Frank you get the same old shit every time.

            Frank’s like clockwork.  Pretty much every day, except Sundays, Frank takes a taxi between 6 and 7 p.m.  Here at the company we have an option of “holding.”  This means that we are opting to be available for a much narrower range of possibly fares.  For example since we know that Frank will be coming out from a residential address, we will “hold the base,” which means that we will only be accepting calls from the Navy base – not that those are any more desirable usually…

            So every day a handful of drivers, myself included, hold the Navy base in hopes of getting a better ride.  Frank only ever goes out to one of his two favorite local restaurants.  The fare never comes out to more than $5 or $6 and our tip usually consists of rounding up to the next dollar.  Were not impressed.

            If we just accept calls from the Navy base there is a chance that we will get a ride that just goes a few blocks as well of course, but we may get a great ride too.  Sometimes you get hundred dollar rides out of there.  Sometimes if you don’t hold the base you’ll get a call at a different residence.   Those can be good too.  Often times they go to the airport.  But by holding were guaranteed that we won’t have anyone grasping on to our arm with their long crusty fingernails and clammy hands, they won’t be carrying around a bag full of outdated tattered newspapers, they won’t have been wearing the same clothes that they’ve had on for the last 6 days, and they probably won’t smell like pee.

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