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August 8, 2007

August 8, 2007 - Car Washes

By now you if you have been reading my blog you know what my stance is on car washes.  I think it’s reasonable to have the car washed periodically, but it doesn’t need it every week.  Although maybe my perspective is a little skewed, I probably only wash my car once every 15 months or so.  Catherine’s been on my ass about it though so I guess that I’ll do it to appease her.   I’m sure it’ll really make all those different shades of yellow my taxi has shimmer.

            Doesn’t that look beautiful.  Would it have taken too long to tape off the edges of the license plate so that no yellow paint would get on it?


  1. Pssht. We have to wash our cabs at the end of our shifts. BOTH of us. That's twice a day. And if we don't, we get fined $50.


  2. That's crazy. What city was that in again? Shoot me a link to your blog again, it's in my blog roll, but they have been stacking up and are getting hard to keep track of:(

    We have no regulatory agency in "Cortez" as of now. There is talk amongst us cabbies, and in my case a past cabbie, of blowing the whistle on our company owner and how she is breaking the state taxi regulations enumerated in the California Public Utilities Commission. Basically she uses her limos as taxis, which is illegal in California.

    So we would make more money, but I talk to the drivers in San Diego and hear all about the excessive and over regulation by the MTS (Metropolitan Transit System), which is a conflict of interest in itself since it also regulates public transit like buses and trains...