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May 31, 2013

Further Disappointment

Yesterday I threw this sign under the floor mat.  It's simply not true, and discourages tipping.  I've caught the dispatcher persuading the prospective clients that the tip is included too.  Hence, I probably only get tipped about 10% of the time.

I got this for parking in the cell phone lot of the airport with my limo yesterday.  There was no airport permit on the car - something that seems rather important.  It's ok, the company has to foot the bill for this.

I've been drinking these recently.  They only cost 0.50 each.  They are pretty similar to Monster brand energy drinks.  These make you piss yellow.  Probably all of the Vitamin B.

I also seem to have trouble recouping my overtime pay.  I've already asked several times.  I think one more request will be sufficient.  If not we'll see what the labor board has to say about this...


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