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March 2, 2009

March 2, 2009 – Why Didn’t You Check Your Tierods?

           Dennis had a minor mishap in his taxi van the other day.  Oh yes, we have vans as well – big Chevy Astro’s that are 15 years old.  As he was driving there was a sudden loss of control and the steering went out of whack.  The van had encountered a broken tie rod.  This seemed to be a somewhat routine malfunction on a vehicle with hundreds of thousands of miles.  However, Catherine didn’t seem to think so.  She questioned as to why Dennis wasn’t checking his tie rods along with the routine of checking the cab (which admittedly very few drivers do) at the beginning of his shift.  Checking the tierods?

            I’ll tell you what doesn’t seem to be a problem though.  That Dennis drives around drunk during his shift, as Randy does, and reaches a level of inebriation so great that he can’t find his way back to Cortez and always refers to himself as “we.”  That, well that’s ok…

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