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August 6, 2008

August 6, 2008 – Fat Cabbie

            One of my fellow coworkers told me a funny story today.    The previous night Jefferson had been sitting outside of the local Irish bar.   A drunk man came out of the bar and asked to pay with a credit card.  Jefferson said that he didn’t accept credit cards.  An argument ensued.

            Customer: Why not?
            Jefferson: I’m not set up for it.  I’m sorry.
            Customer: NO. I’m paying with credit card.
            Jefferson: We can stop by an ATM if you would like.
            Customer: You’re just a fat cabbie and that’s all you’re going to ever be.
            Jefferson: Perhaps, but you’re acting like a child who doesn’t get his way.

            The man then just stormed off inside the bar.  A few minutes later he came out and apologized and agreed to withdraw funds from the nearest ATM.

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