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January 17, 2008

January 17, 2008 – Mr. Ticket To The Rescue

           Got a letter from my lawyer today.  His name is Mr. Ticket.  Well, his name is not really Mr. Ticket, it’s Mitchell J. Mehdy.  There are a few lawyers who work there, namely Abel Galvan and Mitchell J. Mehdy.  Mr. Ticket is a small outfit that deals primarily with traffic related matters.  There is also a “Mr. DUI” run out of the same office.  I stand by these guys.  They don’t fight for you in court, that’s your job, but they frustrate the system and postpone court dates in the hopes of getting a dismissal, fine reduction, eligibility for traffic school, so some other remedy.  And all for $50.  That’s for taxi drivers by the way, for everyone else it’s $100, which is still a bargain in my opinion considering all the time you save by avoiding going to court.

            Going to court usually takes up hours of your time.  There’s the commute to court, in which you are actually chancing getting another ticket, the time sitting in court, and the money spent on gas to get there.  You could avoid the first phase of the process, typically called the Arraignment, by pleading through the mail but you usually have to pay the fine up front.  No thanks.  When you go to court and plead not guilty this is typically waived.  No need to go into the details of getting out of traffic tickets here as it was covered in another posting…

            Anyways, the people at Mr. Ticket are solid.  I’ve used them ever since I came to San Diego.  This time they pled not guilty for me and the prosecutor decided not to file the ticket.  I don’t know what the statistics on this are but when an officer writes you a ticket I’m willing to bet that like 25% of the time the supposed violator simply pays it to avoid the hassle.  Not me, I make them work for every penny!  I actually would have liked to take that bike cop to trial just to see if he wore those silly ass little bike shorts.

An older picture of Mitchell J. Medhy

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