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February 26, 2008

February 26, 2008 – Parking On The Sidewalk

This morning I came to the taxi to find a nice buttery yellow parking ticket.  My first one in Cortez.  How exciting!  $25.  For what might you ask…  Well, for something I didn’t do of course.  Typical.  I’m beginning to think the cops are a bunch of assholes over here.

I was given a ticket for parking on the sidewalk.  Could it have been an oversight on my part?  Doubtful.  Accidents occur, sure, but it would be pretty hard to park on the sidewalk accidentally now wouldn’t it?  I think I would have remembered it.  I would have had to drive over a six inch curb to get up there. 

Sometimes you get a parking ticket for something that you thought that you could get away with right?  We’ve all done it.  Like running into the store just for a second and not paying the meter.  Most of the time you are able to get away with it.  But parking on the sidewalk…  Now that’s a bunch of shit.  I’d fight it on principal, but it’s only $25.  Not too happy about this.  Not because I got a ticket, but because some son of a bitch completely made it up.  Not just some son of a bitch, Officer Harris to be exact.

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